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74 Fi 3/2
Middle Ages
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Bayeux Tapestry, or Queen Matilda's Tapestry, or even older Tale of the Conquest is a 70 meter-long embroidery, composed of 9 panels of linen cloth, showing 58 scenes, each being captioned in Latin.

This tapestry - or also called Hastings embroidery - could have been ordered by Odo of Bayeux, stepbrother of William the Conqueror.

It may have been manufactured in Kent, at Winchester or Cantorbery, straight after the battle of 1066 to relate the Norman conquest of England.


Views 1 - 4:

Postcards representing scenes from the Bayeux Tapestry, captioned both in French and English. - 74 Fi 3/2, 3/3, 3/4, 3/4a


Views 5 - 12:

Notice historique sur la Tapisserie brodée par la Reine Mathilde, épouse de Guillaume le Conquérant, Frimaire An XII - BHN 705

(Historical notice on the Tapestry embroidered by Queen Matilda, spouse of William the Conqueror)


Panel 1 / Frise 1

REX  - King Edward

HAROLD DVX ANGLORVM ET SVI MILITES EQVITANT AD BOSHAM - Where Harold, duke of the English, and his soldiers ride to Bosham



Panel 1 / Frise 2

HIC HAROLD MARE NAVIGAVIT - Here Harold crosses the sea

ET VELIS VENTO PLENIS VENIT IN TERRA VVIDONIS COMITIS - And the sails filled by the wind land on Count Guy's lands

HAROLD - Harold.


Panel 1 / Frise 3


ET DVXIT EVM AD BELREM ET IBI EVM TENVIT - And take him to Beaurainville and keep him here

VBI HAROLD - Here Harold


Panel 1 / Frise 4


VBI NVNTII WILLELMI DVCIS VENERVNT AD WIDONEM - Where Duke William's messengers go to Guy

NVNTII WILLELMI - William's messengers


Panel 2 / Frise 1

HIC VENIT NVUNTIS AD WILGELMVM DVCEM - Here comes a messenger to Duke William

HIC WIDO ADDVXIT HAROLDVU AD WILGELMVM NORMANNORVM DVCEM - Here Guy brings Harold to William, Duke of the Normans


Panel 2 / Frise 2

HIC DVX WILGELM CV HAROLDO VENIT AD PALATIV SVM - Here Duke William arrives in his palace with Harold

VBI VNVS CLERICVS ET AELFGIVA - Where a priest and AElgiva

HIC WILEM DVX ET EXERCITVS EIVS - Here Duke William and his army


Panel 2 /Frise 3

VENERVNT AD MONTE MICHAELIS - Arrive in Mont (Saint) Michel

ET HIC TRANSIERVUNT FLVMEN COSNONIS - And here they cross the river Couesnon

HIC AROLD DVX TRAHEBAT EOS DE ARENA - Here Duke Harold takes them out of the sand

ET VENERUNT AD DOL ET CONAN FUGAVERTIT - And they arrive at Dol and Conan runs away


Panel 2 / Frise 4

HIC MILITES WILLELMI DVCIS PVGNANT CONTRA DINANTES - Here William's soldiers fight against people of Dinan

ET CVNAN CLAVES PORREXIT - And Conan give the keys of the town to them

HIC WILLELM DEDIT ARMA HAROLDO - Here William knights Harold


Panel 3 / Frise 1

HIC WILLELM VENIT BAGIAS - Here William arrives at Bayeux

UBI HAROLD SACRAMENTVM FECIT WILLELMO DVCI - Where Harold takes the oath to Duke William



Panel 3 / Frise 2


ET VENIT AD EDWARDV REGE - And goes and finds King Edward

HIC PORTATVR CORPVS EADWARDI REGIS AD ECCLESIAM SCI PETRI APLI - Here King Edward's body is taken to the church of Saint-Peter the Apostle


Panel 3 / Frise 3

HIC EADWARDVS REX IN LECTO ALLOQVIT FIDELES - Here King Edward on his bed talks to his followers

ET HIC DEFFVNCTVS ET - And here he is dead

HIC DEDERVNT HAROLDO CORONA REGIS - Here they give the crown of the King to Harold

HIC RESIDET HAROLD REX ANGLORVM - Here Harold sits, King of England

STIGANT ARCHIEPS - Stigand Archbishop

ISTI MIRANT STELLA - They stare at a star

HAROLD - Harold


Panel 3 / Frise 4

HIC NAVIS ANGLICA VENIT IN TERRAM WILLELMI DVCIS - Here an English boat lands on Duke William's lands

HIC WILLELM DVX JVSSIT NAVES EDIFICARE - Here the Duke orders to build boats


Panel 4 / Frise 1

HIC TRAHVNT NAVES AD MARE - Here they take boats to the sea

ISTI PORTANT ARMAS AD NAVES ET HIC TRAHVNT CARRVM CVM VINO ET ARMIS - They carry weapons on board and here they pull a carriage with wine and weapons

HIC WILLELM DVX - Here Duke William


Panel 4 / Frise 2

IN MAGNO NAVIGIO MARE TRANSIVIT ET VENIT AD PEVENESAE - Crossed the sea on a big vessel and arrived at Pevensey


Panel 4 / Frise 3

HIC EXEHVNT CABALLI DE NAVIBVS - Here horses out of vessels

ET HIC MILITES FESTINAVERVNT HASTINGA VT CIBVM RAPERENTVR - Here soldiers haste to Hastings in search of food.


Panel 4 / Frise 4

HIC EST WADARD - Here is Wadard

HIC COQVITVR CARO ET HIC MINISTRAVERVNT MINISTRI - Here meat is prepared and here servants are busy

HIC FECERVNT PRANDIVM ET HIC EPISCOPVS CIBV ET POTV BENEDICIT - Here they prepare meals and here the bishop blesses food and beverage

ODO EPS - Bishop Odo


Panel 5 / Frise 1

WILLELM ROTBERT - William, Robert

ISTE JVSSIT VT FODERETVR CASTELLVM AD HESTENG CEASTRA - He orders to raise a fortification around the camp in Hastings

HIC NVNTIATVM EST WILLELM DE HAROLD - Here news from Harold are brought to William

HIC DOMVS INCEDITVR - Here a house is set on fire


Panel 5 / Frise 2

HIC MILITES EXIERVNT DE HESTENGA ET VENERVNT AD PRELIVM CONTRA HAROLDVM REGEM - Here soldiers come out of Hastings to go and fight against King Harold


Panel 5 / Frise 3

HIC WILLELM DVX INTERROGAT VITAL SI VIDISSET HAROLDI EXERCITV - Here Duke William asks whether Vital has seen Harold's army



Panel 5 / Frise 4

HIC WILLELM DVX ALLOQVITVR SVIS MILITIBVS VT PREPARENT SE VIRILITER ET SAPIENTER AD PRELIVM CONTRA - Here Duke William exhorts his troops to prepare courageously and wisely to fight against


Panel 6 / Frise 1

ANGLORVM EXERCITV - the English army


Panel 6 / Frise 2

HIC CECIDERVNT LEWINE ET GYRD FRATRES HAROLDI REGIS - Here die Leofwine and Gyrth, King Harold's brothers

HIC CECIDERVNT SIMVL ANGLI ET - Here die together English and


Panel 6 / Frise 3

FRANCI IN PRELIO - French in the fight

HIC ODO EPS BACVLV TENENS CONFORTA PVEROS - Here Bishop Odo, holding a stick, encourage the young

HIC EST WILLELM DVX - Here is Duke William


Panel 6 / Frise 4

HIC FRANCI PVGNANT ET CECIDERVNT QVII ERANT CVM HAROLDO - Here French fight and the ones with Harold succumb


Panel 7 / Frise 1

HIC HAROLD REX INTERFECTVS EST ET FVGA VERTERVNT ANGLI - Here King Harold is killed, and the English run away

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