Charter of Edward the Third, confirming the Archbishop of Rouen as the owner of Bentworth

Archevêché de Rouen
9 July 1336
15,5 x 30
France - Rouen - Archives départementales de Seine-Maritime
G 1113
Middle Ages
Politics and Military links

This charter, sent to Carlisle, demonstrates that Norman institutions continued to hold possessions in England, as it confirms the grants previously made to the Archbishopric of Rouen by Henry the First (Henry Fine Scholar) and the Plantagenet kings. The twin-faced seal, depicting king Edward the Third, is exceptionally fine and well-preserved. Edward the Third’s mother Isabelle was the daughter of Philip the Fair, and Edward therefore considered his rights to the Crown of France to be greater than those of Philip the Sixth of Valois. This claim led to the Hundred Years War which began in 1337 when the king of France seized the Duchy of Aquitaine, which had been retained by English monarchs.


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