Confirmation by Henry Count of Eu to the Battle Abbey of what his men have given or shall give to the church.

Abbaye de Battle
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Middle Ages
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Confirmation by Henry Count of Eu to the church of St. Martin in Battle (Battle Abbey) of what his men, both in England and Normandy have given or shall give to the church. This he has granted for the salvation of his soul and the souls of his ancestors, and his deceased wife Matilda.  Witnesses mentioned in the charter are Count Henry, Gerold de Normanville (his steward), Ingelramus, Ailred, steward of the Abbot, Ralph son of Benedict.  Dated between 1109-1140.
Witnesses have also made crosses as signatures: Anselm de Fraelvilla, Ansfridus, Hugh de Fulcarmunt, Henry Count (of Eu), William de Sumerie, Hermentrude Countess (of Eu), Ralph Camerarii, Bartholomew de Criol, Robert Fitz Ralf, William de Hastings, William Lepus, Drue de Pevensey.
After the Conquest, Sussex was divided into administrative areas called rapes.  There were three in East Sussex – Hastings, Pevensey and Lewes – and each one was granted to a major supporter. The count of Eu became the lord of Hastings Rape, the count of Mortain of Pevensey Rape and William de Warenne of Lewes Rape.


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