King's letter to Captain Smith

Fund of Le Havre's Admiralty
21,5 x 33 cm
France - Rouen - Archives départementales de Seine-Maritime
216 BP 417
Early modern period
Maritime and Trade links


King's letter authorizing Captain Smith, English ship commander, to order under the French flag a vessel plying the slave trade, without receiving act of reception, recorded on March 17, 1787. Register paper.

Following the request of Mr. Barber, owner at Le Havre, the King - in his letter dated 4 March in Versailles - grants permission to Captain Smith, English nationality, controlling the ship "the five cousins​​" under the French flag, without having to comply with reception. The context is relatively peaceful, since the commercial Treaty had been signed the year before. It is also a recognition of English skills at sea, hiring an English captain under the French flag.



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