Report by Captain Lainé, commander of the Yvetot gendarmerie section, on the discovery of English leaflets in Bourville

Sous-préfecture de Dieppe
15 February 1942
32 x 20,8
France - Rouen - Archives départementales de Seine-Maritime
408 W 574
Late modern period
Politics and Military links
Leaflet drops from aircraft or balloons were introduced in the First World War, and were to become a propaganda weapon widely used by both sides in the Second Word War. Set up in July 1940, the Special Operations Executive (SOE) organised propaganda for German-occupied countries. The leaflet drops were carried out by Royal Air Force (RAF) training units. The leaflets were designed to demoralise German troops and encourage the population to resist. There were various formats: the “Courrier de l’Air” referred to in this document was a small, four-page newsletter.
With copies of Courrier de l’Air newsletter dated 28 January and 4 february 1943. private collection.


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