Royal généalogy

15 c.
UK - Lewes - East Sussex Record Office
GLY 3468
Middle Ages
Politics and Military links
15th century pedigree on parchment showing the descent of the kings of England from the Heptarchy and of the Dukes of Normandy from Rollo.  Rollo was, the Viking founder of Normandy and William the Conqueror was directly descended from him. The seven lines of descent join at the point where they are absorbed into the house of Wessex. Names are written in double red circles connected by green and red lines. The document has been cut or split across after the entry for King Edgar and the rest is missing. Spaces for the illumination of the capital letters to the inserted notes have been left blank, but this suggests the work of a monastic or cathedral scriptorium. 
(ESRO, GLY 3468)


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