Will Martine Cauchie

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W A8/210
Early modern period
Maritime and Trade links

At least two of the 16th century French settlers in Rye left wills that were proved in the court of the Archdeacon of Lewes: Andrew Harry, who appears in the 1571 survey of strangers, and Martine Cauchie, daughter of Francis Cauchie, who was also recorded in the 1571 survey.


Martine was the widow of Francis Maquery (see their marriage in the Rye parish register).  Her will of 1588, displayed here, shows that she was quite well-off.  She leaves money and goods to her daughter, Mary Maquery.  These include “Sixe doussin of Fine napkins. Fowre greate fine Towelles. Fowre payre of sheets. One bedd furnished with a coverlid teaster” with blue and white curtainsas well as two gowns and two scarlet waistcoats, a small chest of furs and four gold rings.


She also leaves Peter Breton, her servant, all the tools and merchandise in her shop and Frances Labé, her maidservant, cloth and linens.  The poor of the French church in Rye get ten shillings. 



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