Virtual exhibition

Virtual exhibition



The Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace, 1851 - Tourism and Culture
Knowles' company in Malaunay - Industries and Railways
Exports from England - Maritime and Trade links




Study on trade between France and England

Dukes of Normandy - Politics and Military links










Castle of Rouen - Politics and Military links


Philip Augustus' Castle of Rouen (also known as the Castle of Bouvreuil)


Chronicles of Normandy - Tourism and Culture


Chronicles of Normandy


Brighton Chain Pier - Tourism and Culture


A view of Brighton, showing the Chain Pier. Engraving by T. A. Prior, mid 19th century.


Royal Pavilion at Brighton - Tourism and Culture


View of the Royal Pavilion at Brighton. Engraving by Francis.


Portrait of Dieppe - Maritime and Trade links

"Le Pourtraict de la ville de Dieppe", by François de Belleforest (1530-1583), 1575. Wood engraving.


Field Service Pocket Book of the Royal Sussex Regiment - Politics and Military links

First World War Field Service Pocket Book of Albert Prior [born c1900], Royal Sussex Regiment 1917


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The Keep, Falmer
"The First World War"
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