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Part of diary probably kept by John Ashburnham - Tourism and Culture



A Ground Plot of the Town of Rye - Politics and Military links

A Ground Plot of the Town of Rye, a copy made by William Wybourn in 1728 of an original drawn by Samuel Jeake in 1667.


Cardinal Richelieu's instructions to Captain Daniel - Maritime and Trade links

Cardinal Richelieu's instructions to captain Daniel, 11 January 1639. Correspondence on paper.

Map of Robert Wildgoose's capital messuage called Iridge in Salehurst by Ambrose Cogger - Industries and Railways


This map clearly shows the complex system of artificial ponds created to service the Iridge furnace.

Map of Rye by Philip Symonson - Maritime and Trade links

The description of the decayed Harbrough of Rye, with the Courses and Concurrence of the fresh waters that fall into the same and lykewyse the manner of their yssuing into the Sea by Phil

Siege and attack of the town of Gournay-en-Bray - Politics and Military links
Map in pen on paper with backing (facsimile of an original in England). 
Will Martine Cauchie - Maritime and Trade links
Counterpart bargain and sale to Frenchman - Politics and Military links


Certificate by the Mayor and Jurats of Rye - Politics and Military links


Draft letter from The Mayor and Jurats of Rye to Richard Barry, Lieutenant of Dover Castle, concerning fines for piracy - Maritime and Trade links



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