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Parish register of Rye showing baptisms and marriages of members of the French church - Politics and Military links


Massacre of Saint-Bartholomew, 24 August 1572 - Politics and Military links

The massacre of Saint-Bartholomew, 24 August 1572


List of French Protestant refugees in Rye - Politics and Military links

Order from the Lords of the Council, 28 October 1571, ordered a survey to be made of strangers (foreigners) in the town and for undesirables to be expelled :


Account of the receipts and payments of Henry Westall for Sir William Sidney's ironworks at Robertsbridge and Panningridge - Industries and Railways
Plea for protection by the abbot of Tréport to Margaret of Anjou, queen of England - Politics and Military links

The Abbey of Saint-Michel in Tréport was founded around 1059 by Robert the First, Count of Eu, one of the members of the 1066 campaign and one of the principal beneficiaries of land redistribution

English alabaster carving depicting the murder of Saint Thomas Becket - Politics and Military links
English alabaster carving depicting the murder of Saint Thomas Becket, second half of the 15th century. Semi-relief. Musée des Antiquités, inv. 626.
Deed of the Viscount of Rouen under the seal of Henry VI - Politics and Military links

Henry V was able to assert his authority in Normandy thanks to his control of Rouen. The English stayed for almost thirty years.

Receipt made out to John Cutberd, English merchant, by Pierre Surreau, Receiver General of Normandy, for a consignment of oats - Maritime and Trade links
This commercial transaction, carried out at the height of the Hundred Years War when Normandy was under English occupation, shows that trade between the two territories was still continuing.
Charter of Henry V granting an income to the chaplain of Rouen castle in thanks for his “glorious victory” - Politics and Military links
Royal généalogy - Politics and Military links
15th century pedigree on parchment showing the descent of the kings of England from the Heptarchy and of the Dukes of Normandy from Rollo.


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