Virtual exhibition

Virtual exhibition



Report of the Commissioner of central Rouen on the work of two English Masonic lodges - Politics and Military links


Abraham Duquesne - Maritime and Trade links



Butler's castle and city, Le Houlme - Industries and Railways



Letter for a grant boosting trade and industry - Maritime and Trade links


Dieppe,The Newhaven steamer entering port - Tourism and Culture

Postcards, around 1900.


The Gospels of Jumièges - Tourism and Culture


First World War posters - Politics and Military links

Posters published in large numbers by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, probably in 1915, were aimed at the young Englishmen who might be considering joining up for active servuice

History of the Norman Conquest of England - Politics and Military links

"Histoire de la conquête de l'Angleterre par les Normands : de ses causes et de ses suites jusqu'à nos jours, en Angleterre, en Ecosse, en Irlande et sur le continent

Plan of a bathing machine - Tourism and Culture

Plan of a cheap and simple rolling bathing machine consisting of a light framework covered with canvas “as used on the coast of France” from the archives of the Brighton Improvement Commissioners,

Calendar of Paris - Rouen railway - Industries and Railways

This 1844 calendar depicting a railway commemorates the start of train travel in the Lower Seine.


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