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Charter of William of Warenne, son of the first Lord of Lewes - Politics and Military links
Absolution cross and funeral pot - Politics and Military links


Charte de confirmation de Guillaume le Conquérant en faveur de l'abbaye de Fécamp - Politics and Military links

Confirmation charter of William the Conqueror (patronus of the Normans and King of the English) to Fécamp Abbey of Steyning (Estaninges), West Sussex, which King Edward (the Conf

William the Conqueror - Politics and Military links

The reign of William the Conqueror (1035-1087) traditionally appears as a prosperous period for the duchy of Normandy.

List of the companions of William the Conqueror - Politics and Military links

Upon Edward the Confessor's death in 1066, Harold is crowned King of England, and takes the throne which amounted to William the Conqueror.

Report addressed to seaports traders mentioning the abuses of English pirates - Maritime and Trade links


Re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings - Politics and Military links





Photographs of the re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings at the Battle Abbey Pageant in July 1932.

(ESRO: PCA 236/3, 5)


Helmeted head in stone - Politics and Military links



Helmeted head in stone, supposedly  of Du Guesclin - 15th century


Meant to decorate the castle of Longueville

Origin : Belmesnil, 1895

Revenue Cutter - Maritime and Trade links


A Revenue cutter is a small lighty armed boat, used to enforce customs regulations and catch smugglers.


Maps of Rouen - Politics and Military links

Cartography of Rouen through ages

Maps drawn after ancient documents by Edgard Naillon - Published by G. Lanfry, 1955



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