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Virtual exhibition



Helmeted head in stone - Politics and Military links



Helmeted head in stone, supposedly  of Du Guesclin - 15th century


Meant to decorate the castle of Longueville

Origin : Belmesnil, 1895

Revenue Cutter - Maritime and Trade links


A Revenue cutter is a small lighty armed boat, used to enforce customs regulations and catch smugglers.


Maps of Rouen - Politics and Military links

Cartography of Rouen through ages

Maps drawn after ancient documents by Edgard Naillon - Published by G. Lanfry, 1955


Poster Le Rouen - Maritime and Trade links


" Le Rouen"


Hastings Embroidery - Politics and Military links


Two panels from the Hastings embroidery (Property of Hastings Borough Council), showing :


Lithography of Rollo, first duke of Normandy - Politics and Military links

First Earl of Normandy, Rollo has generated much controversy. From Denmark or Norway, his story is known to us through Dudo of Saint -Quentin, Norman chronicler of 11th century.

Scandinavian fibulae - Politics and Military links
Bayeux Tapestry - Politics and Military links



Lead ingot - Maritime and Trade links

Ancient lead ingot found in Lillebonne in 1840, at the bottom of the Roman theatre's outer wall. Weight : 43,5 kg


Visit by Queen Elizabeth II to Rouen - Politics and Military links

During the second state visit by Queen Elizabeth II to France, from 15 to 19 May 1972, the last event for the royal couple was a short stop in Rouen.


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