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900th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings - Politics and Military links

First day cover issued by the Post Office on 14 October 1966 to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.

Hastings, for the perfect holiday in England, poster published by British Railways - Tourism and Culture

Poster advertising Hastings to English and French visitors showing ferry routes between the south coast and France. Artist unknown.

Account of the Dieppe raid (Operation Jubilee) by Roger Rothwell, clerk to Newhaven Town Council, published jointly by Newhaven Town Council and East Sussex County Council to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the event - Politics and Military links

On 19 August 1942, 6,100 soldiers, some English but mostly Canadian, left Newhaven and landed on the beaches of Dieppe.

Report by Captain Lainé, commander of the Yvetot gendarmerie section, on the discovery of English leaflets in Bourville - Politics and Military links
Leaflet drops from aircraft or balloons were introduced in the First World War, and were to become a propaganda weapon widely used by both sides in the Second Word War.
Report of the Commissioner of central Rouen on the work of two English Masonic lodges - Politics and Military links
A public school in Mont-Cauvaire: photograph album - Tourism and Culture

In the Collège de Normandie, modelled on Harrow school in England, physical education and games were compulsory. Pupils played football, real tennis and lacrosse, and did gymnastics and fencing.

An illustrated letter from Percy Horton to [Lydia Sargent Smith] describing the physical and emotional state of Harry Horton on his return from war - Politics and Military links


Telegram announcing the visit of King George V - Politics and Military links

The telegraph, along with carrier pigeons and radio, was a fast and effective means of communication between the Allies and the front line during the war.

The Millennium of Normandy, 1911 - Politics and Military links
Celebrations were held in 1911 in Rouen, the ancient capital of the Duchy of Normandy, to mark the thousandth anniversary of the duchy’s foundation, following the signature of the Treaty of St C
The Franco-British Exhibition of 1908 - Tourism and Culture


The Franco-British Exhibition of 1908 : side-view of the pavilion's entrance. Glass negatives by Louis Chesneau, August 1908.



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