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A public school in Mont-Cauvaire: plan of the pupils houses - Tourism and Culture

The Collège de Normandie opened its doors in 1902. It was a private school for Catholic and Protestant pupils from the ages of 7 to 9 right through to the school-leaving examination.

Rouen, villa in the rue Senard, architect P. Lefebvre. Printed plate taken from “Villas et petites maisons du XXe siècle”, Paris - Central Art and Architecture Library - Tourism and Culture

This middle-class home shows how influential the regionalist trend was both in towns and at the seaside.

Butler-Holliday & Co : Company incorporation's deed - Industries and Railways
Official log book for the SS Rouen of Newhaven - Tourism and Culture


Sketch book of Sussex views - Tourism and Culture


Fireback - Industries and Railways


Map of Rouen besieged and taken by Charles IX - Politics and Military links

Large Protestant communities became established in Upper Normandy, centred mainly on Rouen and Dieppe, following the Protestant Reformation.

So british ! : "L’Art de bien s’habiller”; "Album des costumes" - Tourism and Culture

Even in clothes made from a particular type of high-quality fabric made in the Normandy town of Elbeuf, “the art of dressing well” was regarded as synonymous with the art of wearing English-style

Dieppe, posters issued by the Western Railways - Tourism and Culture



Dieppe, posters issued by the Western Railways.


The “Nouveau Pont aux Anglais”; Malaunay, the arches of the viaduct - Industries and Railways


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