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Treaty between Rouen and MM. Easton, Rivolta and Green for the establishment of a water supply, 26 August 1864 - Industries and Railways


View of Eastbourne, by Henry Nibbs - Tourism and Culture

A view of Eastbourne showing bathing machines on the beach.

The grand Dieppe steeplechase by Louis Heyrault, lithography - Tourism and Culture

Dieppe followed the English fashion for horse-racing, opening a racecourse as early as 1852 at which steeplechases were held.

English house. Plate taken from “Habitations champêtres” by A. Petit - Tourism and Culture

Books containing architectural plates became increasingly popular in the second half of the 19th century.

Plates made during the second period of operations of the Ledoux-Wood workshops, undated. Drawing in pen, pencil and wash by C. Ridey - Maritime and Trade links
Address by the City of London to King Louis-Philippe during his visit to Windsor in October 1844 - Politics and Military links
Address by the City of London to King Louis-Philippe during his visit to Windsor in October 1844.
Budiccom locomotive - Industries and Railways
Arrival of Queen Victoria at the castle of Eu on 21 September 1843. Etching drawn and engraved by Percival Skelton - Politics and Military links

Etching drawn and engraved by Percival Skelton.


Extension project for the port of Dieppe, with the creation of a port of refuge. Colour lithography by Rivière - Maritime and Trade links

This perspective view of Dieppe, designed around 1840, highlights two ambitious infrastructure projects that never emerged: on the foreground, a large basin meant for receiving tall ships, extends

Seeking an English teacher: Letter from the Collège royal de Rouen to the rector of the Academy - Tourism and Culture

Shortly after the Royal Council for Public Education had given its approval to the teaching of English, the Collège royal de Rouen, the forerunner to the Lycée Corneille, wrote to the rector compl


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