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Journal of notes made in England by Camille Koechlin on the premises of Messrs. Thomson, Chippindall & Co. near Manchester - Industries and Railways

Camille Koechlin, a member of a textile-manufacturing family from Alsace, used this journal to record his observations on a trip to England during which he visited the premises of Thomson, Chippin

Le Roman de Rou et des Ducs de Normandie - Politics and Military links
Printed notice about contraband spirits - Maritime and Trade links


Printed notice offering reward for information about retailing contraband spirits, which would have included French brandy.



List of foreigners travelling to Dieppe for sea-bathing - Tourism and Culture

Sea-bathing became fashionable in Normandy in the 19th century, following the trend set in England by Brighton.

Architectural Antiquities of Normandy by John Sell Cotman - London, J. & A. Cornhill - Tourism and Culture

Many British citizens started to explore their Anglo-Norman roots from the second half of the 18th century onwards.

Account of a journey to Paris via Dieppe and Rouen by Henry Shiffner in 1815. - Tourism and Culture

Account of a journey to Paris via Dieppe and Rouen by Henry Shiffner in 1815.


Enemy movement on the Norman coast - Maritime and Trade links


Printed copy of the designs for the Pavilion at Brighton by Humphrey Repton 1808 - Tourism and Culture
Plan of a factory in Déville owned by Messrs. Rawle, Poupard de Neuflize and son, Sevesne and John Colliere - Industries and Railways
Valentin Rawle was the first person to set up water-driven spinning Jennies in the Rouen area. They were visited by Napoleon himself.
Fécamp Abbey, watercolour by Paul Marny - Politics and Military links

Fécamp had an important role as early as the reign of William Longsword (927-942), the son of Rollo, thanks to the existence of a ducal residence near the former abbey which had been abandoned at


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