Piggy bank and coins

Rouen, 1866
France - Rouen - Musée départemental des Antiquités
Inv. 1029
Middle Ages
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In late 12th century and early 13th century, in the French regions dominated by the Kings of England from the dynasty of Plantagenêt, english coins circulated frequently along with local coins.


Here is a piggy bank which contained French and English coins dated 12th century, discovered rue Beauvoisine in Rouen in 1866.

This treasure must have been buried around 1200.


Glazed earthenware, silver

13th century

Musée départemental des antiquités, Rouen - Inv. 1029


For further details :

Pots de terre fragments d'histoire, published under the direction of Nathalie Roy, Rouen, Musée des Antiquités, 28 June-15 November 1999. N°10, p.28



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