Report addressed to seaports traders mentioning the abuses of English pirates

Fonds de la Chambre de Commerce du Havre
25 x 19,5
France - Rouen - Archives départementales de Seine-Maritime
1 ETP 13
Early modern period
Maritime and Trade links


This report aims at encouraging traders from Le Havre to meet and assess their lost incomes from English piracy in the colonies.
This document highlights one of the origins of the Franco-British conflict in18th and 19th centuries.
Indeed, trade with the colonies is an economic issue.
Piracy across the Channel (abduction of ships and goods) between England and France costs a lot of money to shipowners and traders.
England is criticized for not respecting the treaties and the law of war.
This report focuses on Article VI from Berlin Decree (dated 1806), which allows traders to compensate by taking and using half of the English catches made by the French.


Printed report on paper, undated [1806-1827].


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