Letter for a grant boosting trade and industry

Stewardship Fund to the generality of Rouen
20 x 32,4 cm
France - Rouen - Archives départementales de Seine-Maritime
C 2173
Early modern period
Maritime and Trade links


Letter from members of the intermediate commission to the Bureau of encouragement for the use of a grant to boost trade and industry, 1788. Correspondence on paper.

The Bureau of encouragement for trade and manufactures of the generality of Rouen established in 1788, was created under a vow of the Provincial Assembly of Normandy in 1787 .

This company aims to contribute to the advancement of arts and crafts. A grant of £ 300 000 is granted by this office to establish, strengthen and spread mechanical to compete with British manufactures . Representatives of the intermediate office of Neufchatel request that the grant be used to acquire English machines, purchase of new breeds of sheep to improve wools, encouraging the cultivation of flax , but also to train more Alfort veterinary students and finally to favor teaching birthing classes . Among the signatories of this letter is particularly noted the presence of the Couteulx , Thouret, Dambourney and D' Herbouville.





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