Decree to fight against importation of British goods

Fund the prefecture
18,5 x 24, 5 cm
France - Rouen - Archives départementales de Seine-Maritime
1 M 164
Late modern period
Maritime and Trade links


Letter from the President of the Chamber of Commerce in Rouen to the Prefect concerning the decree to fight against the importation of British goods and the warning on the adverse effects of this text, December 28, 1810. Correspondence on paper.

He welcomes such a determined measure has been taken by the government but is concerned about the effects of this too rigid text. The imperial decree provides the burning of goods imported from England. Unfortunately this mass destruction is carried out indiscriminately, so the goods ordered legally are as destroyed as the goods illegally entered. This process severely damages the French traders. He therefore asked the prefect to warn the government of this state of affairs.



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