Casino, Old Castle and baths at Dieppe

Historical Background

The first bathing establishment was founded in 1822 by the Earl of Brancas , sub-prefect of the town. This property, surrounded by a garden with its elegant colonnade, is considered the first casino in Dieppe. Marie-Caroline, Duchess of Berry, daughter of King Charles X , attracts people of the court and many artists, such as Rossini, in Dieppe. In August 1824, she selects Dieppe as a resort and launches the fashion of sea bathing, already very popular in England. The casino of 1857 with its vaults and glass roofs is in the tradition of the great glass palaces of international exhibitions, as the Chrystal Palace in London. Bathing is in vogue and enjoys a new boom with the arrival of the railroad in 1848 at Dieppe. Moorish-style casino of the Belle Epoque opens on 15 June 1886 and prints its so characteristic image in the local landscape. It remains in the memories of all the fans as the most beautiful of the dynasty of Dieppe casinos. In 1925, this casino oriental style seems completely outdated at the time of the Exhibition of Decorative Arts in full swing where modern art is popular .

The Art Deco casino of 1926-1942 has also left its mark on the resort. In the 30s, bathing tourism is revived thanks to the paid leave in 1936, allowing access to vacation at a more modest clientele.
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Archives départementales de Seine – Maritime

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2 Fi Dieppe 325

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late modern Period

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Tourism and culture



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