Certificate by the Mayor and Jurats of Rye

Historical Background

Certificate by the Mayor and Jurats of Rye, 27 March 1579, as to the good character of a number of French settlers in the town, including Anthony Cocke.

 The document reads:
William Bucher, Anthony Quoc and Andro Harry, merchants, and Matthew Flory, surgeon, have ben of long contynuance within the said towne of Rye, alians borne and now denisons, men of very grave, honest and good conversation, persons allwaies well thought of emongest us and of the cheiff of the Frenche churche, suche as very well understande the Englishe tonge, not spottid with any notorious cryme or infamy to our knowledges. As concerning Francis Tresdemer and John Elson, they are straungers borne and have not ben of leike contynuance with us and therfore not so well knowen unto us as the others aforenamed, but for that tyme they have remaynid emongest us we have not knowen them to be but of honest conversation followinge their vocations in good and Godly order to our knowledges.
  • Date details

27 March 1579

  • Institution

UK – Lewes – East Sussex Record Office

  • Original reference

RYE 47/20/12

  • Period

Early modern Period

  • Thematic

Politics and military links

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