Dieppe, posters issued by the Western Railways

Historical Background

Dieppe, posters issued by the Western Railways.

 Shortly before 1900, new printing processes gave rise to large advertising poster format. This support, among others, allows railway companies to promote tourist sites served by rail. The illustrations were assigned to some famous painters and designers, such as Eugene-Victor Bourgeois (1855-1909) and F. Hugo d’Alesi (1849-1906). Dieppe appears here as a resort with an exceptional heritage site – the castle, along with a large, modern and lively area – the beach and the Moorish-style casino. The town is also a must for travellers to or from England. The short duration of the trip to Paris, the frequency of trains and discount rates are highlighted by a careful layout.

Dieppe, the nearest beach from Paris", printed poster illustrated by Eugène-Victor Bourgeois - Paris : Marx printing, c.1900 (ADSM, 63 Fi 124)
Dieppe, only beach at 3 hours 1/2 distance from Paris and London", printed poster illustrated by F. Hugo d'Alesi - Paris, Bordeaux : A. Bellier & Cie printing, c.1900 (ADSM, 63 fi 128)
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  • Institution

Archives départementales de Seine – Maritime

  • Original reference

63 Fi 124

  • Period

Late Modern Period

  • Thematic

Tourism and culture



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