Maison anglaise : planche extraite de l’ouvrage d’A. Petit « Habitations champêtres »

Books containing architectural plates became increasingly popular in the second half of the 19th century. The early volumes concentrated on monumental architecture, but soon works on civil and domestic buildings started to appear. The book on country dwellings by A. Petit shows the full panorama of rural houses throughout Europe. The English home depicted here is typical of Victorian-era buildings with its Gothic-style pinnacles and its bow window: a window projecting out from the façade, which was extremely popular in England in the following decades.

  • Date details


  • Size

25 x 33 cm

  • Institution

Archives départementales de Seine – Maritime

  • Original reference

47 fi 19

  • Period

Late Modern Period

  • Thematic


Tourism and culture


Rouen – Archives Départementales

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