First World War posters

Historical Background

Posters published in large numbers by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, probably in 1915, were aimed at the young Englishmen who might be considering joining up for active servuice at the front.

Recruitment was voluntary until 1916 when a law introducing conscription was introduced.

The English soldier holding a bayonet is scanning the horizon to the east, where the major battles took place.

Illustrated colour poster ; Allen (David) & Sons, printers of Harrow, Middlesex and London.

  • Origin


  • Date details


  • Size

126 x 142

  • Institution

Archives départementales de Seine – Maritime

  • Original reference

169 Fi Guerre 14-18 /61

  • Period

Late Modern Period

  • Thematic

Politic and military links


Rouen – Archives Départementales

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