Treaty between Rouen and MM. Easton, Rivolta and Green for the establishment of a water supply, 26 August 1864

Historical Background

After several studies about the project of drinking water distribution in Rouen, the town assigns in this treaty the concession of water supply to M. Easton, Rivolta and Green in 1864. The object of the concession covers the distribution and sale of water for public and private needs. The 99-year concession provides for work to be performed for the supply and distribution of water, such as the replacement of water mains, the renewal of all existing lines and some of the material used for public fountains, along with installing new fountains in the Faubourg Saint-Sever.

  • Origin

Modern Fund

  • Date details


  • Size

27 x 41 cm

  • Institution

Archives départementales de Seine – Maritime

  • Original reference

2 O 1968

  • Period

Late modern Period

  • Thematic

Industries & Railways


Rouen – Archives Départementales

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