ARCH’ EXPO project was selected under the European Cross-border Cooperation Programme INTERREG IVA France (Channel)-England, co-funded by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and monitored by the Regional Council of Haute-Normandie as the Managing Authority, along with the Joint Technical Secretariat. –



This support enabled the completion of this Franco-British partnership initiated in 2007 between the Departmental Archives of Seine-Maritime and those of East Sussex County Council, which culminated in the realisation of two joint exhibitions and a bilingual catalogue, online resources found on this portal, such as digitised funds (AD76: charters and seals, notarial records, shipping registers and a bibliography of Anglo-Norman books / ESRO : shipping registers and archives of the Borough of Rye – baptisms, mariages and deaths).


The two Outreach and Learning offices implemented workshops for schools, based on studying original documents – in French and in English – related to the themes featured in the exhibitions, including a bilingual learning resources DVD produced by East Sussex Record Office.


“Crossing the Channel : a millennium of Anglo-Norman relations”

Exhibition in Rouen, from 18th October 2013 to 25th January 2014, presented under the direction of :

Vincent Maroteaux, General heritage curator and Director of departmental Archives of Seine-Maritime and

Virginie Monnié, executive curator and Arch Expo project manager –

Opening on 18th October 2013, with Nicolas Rouly, Vice-President to European Affairs

“The French Connection”

Exhibition in Hastings, from 12th October 2013 to 19th January 2014, presented under the direction of :

Elizabeth Hughes, County archivist of East Sussex Record Office and

Susan Ward, executive curator and Keeper of exhibitions in Hastings Museum & Art Gallery –

Opening on 11th October 2013, with Emily Westley from Hastings Borough Council and Chris Dowling from East Sussex County Council –

Research and Texts :

Vincent Maroteaux, Michaël Bloche, Fanny Reboul, Marie Blaise-Groult, Catherine Dehays, Christèle Potvin, Delphine Delarbre, Virginie Jourdain, Karine Blondel, Iman Semlali, Sandrine Sevestre, Marie-Christine Hubert ;

Elizabeth Hughes, Susan Ward.

Translations :

TradEthic :

Vandu Language Services :

Photography :

Departmental Archives of Seine-Maritime : Marie Kihm, Didier Tragin, Eric Levêque, Sébastien Vue ;

National Archives in Paris : Céline Gaudon, Valéry Bataille ;

J. Villon Public Library in Rouen : Catherine Lancien ;

East Sussex Record Office : David Calvert, Jenny Geering, Alison Stolwood, Thomas Swanborough-Nilson, Christopher Whittick, Michael Hughes.

Restoration : Muriel Desforges, Philippe Fromentin, Pierre-Claude Liagre ;

Bibliography : Régis Garand, Bérengère Olingue ;

Framing : Martine Loyer – Galerie de la Tour Couronnée in Rouen

Graphic and stage design of the exhibition in Rouen and of the catalogue: Benoît Eliot, Antoine Saillant, Stéphane Rioland – Editions Point de vues


We acknowledge lenders and contributors :

– National Archives in Paris :

– Departmental Museum of Antiquities in Rouen :

– J. Villon Public Library in Rouen :

– Castle-Museum of Dieppe :

– Town Hall of Falaise :

– Town Hall of Forges-les-Eaux :

– Museum of Ceramics in Forges-les-Eaux :

– Private collections from : Catherine Dehays, Annick Monnié, Alain Alexandre and Didier Groult from “Atelier André Marcel” in Rouen :

– The Ashburnham Estate

– Francis Brand, Viscount Hampden :

– The estate of Kay Challoner

– Heringtons, solicitors, Battle :

– Patrick Sayers, Esq.

– Wykeham-Hurford Sheppard a Son LLP, solicitors, Battle :

– The estate of BG Awty

We acknowledge Outreach and Learning officers of Departmental Archives of Seine-Maritime and of East Sussex Record Office for their dedicated contribution :

– Karine Blondel, Emmanuel Caron, Anne Miles

– Isilda Almeida-Harvey

We acknowledge all General Council of Seine-Maritime’s services and staff for their contribution :

– Departmental Archives Direction : Vincent Maroteaux

Philippe Auger, Florence Batelier, Marie Blaise-Groult, Michaël Bloche, Karine Blondel, Cyril Bos, Yolaine Broquet, Farid Chouakria, Victor Da Rocha, Quentin De Foville, Catherine Dehays, Delphine Delarbre, Muriel Desforges, Sylvain Desoutter, Franck Descottes, Hervé Dionisio, Anne-Sophie Dupré, Philippe Fromentin, Régis Garand, Béatrice Grisel, Noémie Gross, Marie-Christine Hubert, Valérie Hubert, Jean-Jacques Jarrige, Virginie Jourdain, Marie Kihm, Gérald Lacuisse, Thierry Le Carrer, Isabelle Lechartier, Pierrick Lelièvre, Songul Lenègre, Christophe Lenouvel, Thierry Leroux, Eric Levêque, Pierre-Claude Liagre, Didier Mézaize, Gilles Mouquet, Béatrice Nicolle, Bérengère Olingue, Christine Petit, Elisabeth Petit, Christèle Potvin, Philippe Priol, Fanny Reboul, Nathalie Regimbeau, Jocelyne Renard, Xavier Sellier, Valérie Semenowicz, Sophie Sement, Sandrine Sevestre, Frédérique Sochon, Corinne Tuncq, Pierre Villalon, Sébastien Vue.

– Services Branch Direction : Dominique Soulier

Europe Service : Delphine Blanc, Romain Delecluse-Rete, Samira Delpech, Valérie Le Gall, Catherine Perepelytsya, Fabienne Viricel

– Communication and Information Direction : Vincent Lalire

François Dubosc, Baptiste Dumouchel, Emmanuel Goudé, François Hainigue, Julie Jouanne, Nicolas Robine, Rebecca Renard

– General Resources Direction : Martine Cambremer-Croixmare

François Bourel, Jean-Louis Navarette, Florence Van-Esterghem