Arch'Expo Project

Franco-British cooperation

East Sussex and Seine-Maritime have common historical roots. These are represented through a key historical figure, William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, King of England. This conquest is at the origin of many commercial, religious, cultural or touristic exchanges developed throughout the centuries. The two local authorities involved in this project carry out similar activities linked to the collation, conservation, classification and dissemination of archives. This means that each of them has to have buildings that are large enough and specifically adapted to store documents that may have be damaged over the centuries or have been badly preserved; but that also provide the best conditions to optimise public access, either to the originals or through providing digitised material that will ensure maximum preservation of documents.


Departmental Archives
of Seine-Maritime
East Sussex Record Office
The Keep
Hastings Museum
and Art Gallery

Teaching Actions

With the Archives of Seine-Maritime

The educational service of Departmental archives of Seine-Maritime welcomes students and their teachers for working sessions around original documents.

These materials help arousing curiosity for history, while becoming familiar with the methods of archivists .

With the East Sussex Record Office

The French Connection Learning programme

The exhibition includes a free programme of workshops and outreach sessions for schools as well as teacher training opportunities and a DVD with resources and teachers’ notes.

Bring your students to a free visit and workshop where they can be inspired by and handle original archive and museum collections.

Exhibition Catalogue

Printed and Online Edition

The catalog is available at the Pôle culturel Grammont in paper version for € 8. You can also view it online for free.

Catalogue published as part of the ARCH EXPO project, in the framework of Interreg programme, for the exhibitions “Traverser la Manche : 1000 ans de relations anglo-normandes” and “The French Connection” at Grammont cultural center in Rouen and at Hastings Museum in England from October 2013 to January 2014.

(c) Département de Seine-Maritime – Direction des Archives départementales / East Sussex County Council – East Sussex Record Office, October 2013.

Online Catalog

Among the works of the library of the Departmental Archives, there are many works on the history of Normandy and England. Most of them are in free access in the reading room of the Historical Archives Center. Thus, books and studies in English were acquired thanks to the Arch’expo project (for example the collection of Anglo-Norman Studies, or The parliement rolls of Medieval England – 1275-1504, or the Oxford magazine The English historical review). The catalog proposed below makes it possible to carry out research on all the works of the Archives.