Absolution cross and funeral pot

Historical Background

In the Middle Ages, these crosses were placed on the dead, both in France and England, along with a funeral pot.

They have the shape of the Maltese cross and remember quite well the consecration crosses and crosses of cemeteries in 12th century.

There is reason to believe they were the formula of absolution pronounced by the priest to the patient receiving the sacrament of Extreme Unction.

Found in Bouteilles by abbot Cochet. 12th century

For further details :

Favreau/Michaud. Corpus des inscriptions de la France Médiévale. 2003. N° 246 p 323

Absolution cross

From Bouteilles, 1857


12th c.

Musée départemental des antiquités, Rouen – Inv. 2006.0.628

Funeral pot

From Rouen, 1869

Glazed earthenware

13th – 14th c.

Musée départemental des antiquités, Rouen. – Inv. 1691.6 (D)

  • Origin

Bouteilles, Rouen

  • Date details


  • Institution

Rouen – Musée départemental des antiquités

  • Original reference

Inv. 2006.0.628

  • Period

Middle Ages

  • Thematic

Politic and military links


Rouen – Musée départemental des antiquités

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