Plan of a factory in Déville owned by Messrs. Rawle, Poupard de Neuflize and son, Sevesne and John Colliere

Historical Background

Valentin Rawle was the first person to set up water-driven spinning Jennies in the Rouen area. They were visited by Napoleon himself. Rawle had opened his first cotton mill, holding 6,000 spindles on two floors, in 1798.

This plan shows the second cotton mill built in Déville in 1803-1804. It occupied three floors and had double the capacity of the first one. It employed 950 workers in 1805, making it the largest cotton mill in the area. The owner had fifty houses built for his workforce close to the mill, the first example of English-style brick-built housing in the Cailly valley.
  • Origin

Préfécture de la seine-maritime

  • Date details


  • Size

41 X 64 CM

  • Institution

Archives départementales de Seine – Maritime

  • Original reference

7 S 284

  • Period

Late Modern Period

  • Thematic


Industries & Railways



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